Our purpose is to pass on to you the things we have learned about gathering and processing useful – sometimes vital – information, from all legal resources, for any lawful reason or purpose.

This knowledge, essential to 21st Century life, is often missing from our educational system. It is nonetheless vital to students, businesses, and problem solvers in all walks of life. In the Post Fake News age, being able to actively discern and decipher bias and intent in potential misinformation and disinformation is no longer just a skill set, but increasingly becoming a civic responsibility. Mastery of these techniques in the Information Age also positions the user of Open Source Research to go further into the IT world, an area of promise, and the dominant realm informing both strategic and everyday decisions.

This site, our book, and the Open Source Research field selects and combines the best knowledge and practices from:

– Information Literacy in Library Science

– Competitive/Competition Intelligence in the business community

– Computer-assisted Research in journalism and the media

– Open Source Intelligence in the national security and law enforcement fields

– Opposition Research in politics.

We welcome all who want to learn and use Open Source Research, an essential life skill in an era of Information Supremacy, Fake News, source credibility challenges, and False Facts.


Sherlock – Username Search Tool

The Sherlock project aims to provide OSINT collectors with a tool to search out usernames across multiple platforms.